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JOHNSTON, Lindsay Gordon

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Every player for every game is included for Swan Districts and Peel Thunder.

For all other teams, every game for every player is included for 1968, parts of 1969 and from 1970.

Player game stats including kicks, marks, handballs and hit outs included for 1968, part of 1969, 1983-1987 and from 2006 plus for Swan Districts from 1997-2005 which also includes tackles. Tackles and Inside 50's for all teams from 2011.

Individual goalscorers for every game are included from 1929 onwards with random goalscorers added prior to 1929 and behinds for most seasons from 1933.

A '0' in the season column and the number of games in the corresponding games column in the Season Summary table represents the number of games played by the player that are not currently listed in the individual Game by Game table.

The player would not have scored a goal in any of these games unless they were prior to 1929.

For any players whose career started from 1970 a '0' in the season column represents a differential between my records and the official WAFL records.

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Season Summary

Season League Team # Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D
1959WAFLSwan Districts122000000000-2-0
1960WAFLSwan Districts13186400000002-16-0
1961WAFLSwan Districts13410975220003-1-0
1962WAFLSwan Districts1330000000003-0-0
Swan Districts27181375220008-19-0


Game by Game

Season League Team Opponent Venue # G B D K HB M HO T I50 Game W/L
1959WAFLSwan DistrictsEast FremantleEast Fremantle Oval1100000000 R13,1959L
1959WAFLSwan DistrictsSubiacoBassendean Oval1100000000 R14,1959L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsClaremontClaremont Oval13000000000 R1,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsEast FremantleBassendean Oval13000000000 R2,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthBassendean Oval13010000000 R3,1960W
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsSubiacoSubiaco Oval13010000000 R4,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsSouth FremantleBassendean Oval13000000000 R5,1960W
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsPerthBassendean Oval13000000000 R6,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsWest PerthLeederville Oval13100000000 R7,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsClaremontBassendean Oval13000000000 R8,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthPerth Oval13100000000 R10,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsSubiacoBassendean Oval13200000000 R11,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsSouth FremantleFremantle Oval13000000000 R12,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsPerthBassendean Oval13000000000 R13,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsWest PerthBassendean Oval13000000000 R14,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsClaremontClaremont Oval13000000000 R15,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsEast FremantleEast Fremantle Oval13200000000 R16,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthPerth Oval13020000000 R17,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsPerthLathlain Park13000000000 R20,1960L
1960WAFLSwan DistrictsWest PerthLeederville Oval13000000000 R21,1960L
1961WAFLSwan DistrictsSubiacoSubiaco Oval13210000000 R21,1961W
1961WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthSubiaco Oval13230000000 2SF,1961L
1961WAFLSwan DistrictsSubiacoSubiaco Oval13340000000 PF,1961W
1961WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthSubiaco Oval13317522000 GF,1961W
1962WAFLSwan DistrictsSouth FremantleBassendean Oval13000000000 R5,1962W
1962WAFLSwan DistrictsWest PerthBassendean Oval13000000000 R10,1962W
1962WAFLSwan DistrictsEast PerthBassendean Oval13000000000 R11,1962W


Opponent Summary

Opponent Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D
East Fremantle33000000000-3-0
East Perth66775220003-3-0
South Fremantle30000000002-1-0
West Perth41000000001-3-0


Venue Summary

Venue Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D
Bassendean Oval123100000005-7-0
Claremont Oval20000000000-2-0
East Fremantle Oval23000000000-2-0
Fremantle Oval10000000000-1-0
Lathlain Park10000000000-1-0
Leederville Oval21000000000-2-0
Perth Oval21200000000-2-0
Subiaco Oval5101075220003-2-0