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Individual player data may be incomplete.

Every player for every game is included for Swan Districts and Peel Thunder.

For all other teams, every game for every player is included for 1968, parts of 1969 and 1970-2016 onwards.

Player game stats including kicks, marks, handballs and hit outs included for 1968, part of 1969, 1983-1987 and 2006-2016 plus for Swan Districts from 1997-2005 which also includes tackles. Tackles and Inside 50's for all teams from 2011.

Individual goalscorers for every game are included from 1929 onwards with random goalscorers added prior to 1929 and behinds for most seasons from 1933.

A '0' in the season column and the number of games in the corresponding games column represents the number of games played by the player that are not currently listed in the game by game table below. The player would've not scored a goal in any of these games unless prior to 1929.

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Season Summary

Season League Team # Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D


Game by Game

Season League Team Opponent Venue # G B D K HB M HO T I50 Game W/L
2016WAFLClaremontPerthLathlain Park11003223913066 R3,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontEast PerthLeederville Oval1100161516025 R1,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontSwan DistrictsBassendean Oval11013620165045 R4,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontEast FremantleEast Fremantle Oval11202414107025 R5,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontPeel ThunderLeederville Oval11002420410026 R6,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontWest PerthKulin110010821040 R7,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontSouth FremantleShowgrounds11003421133036 R8,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontSubiacoShowgrounds11202818108025 R9,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontEast FremantleShowgrounds1100239143232 R10,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontSwan DistrictsShowgrounds114037221514135 R11,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontWest PerthShowgrounds1101171524133 R13,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontSubiacoLeederville Oval11013318156215 R14,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontPerthShowgrounds1100201374012 R15,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontSouth FremantleFremantle Oval11003028200125 R16,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontEast PerthShowgrounds1111372895548 R18,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontPeel ThunderRushton Park11003621156353 R19,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontSwan DistrictsBassendean Oval110240221851211 R20,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontWest PerthArena Joondalup11003415192045 R21,2016L
2016WAFLClaremontEast FremantleEast Fremantle Oval11113717204036 R22,2016W
2016WAFLClaremontPeel ThunderShowgrounds11003322116548 R23,2016L
2017WAFLClaremontEast FremantleEast Fremantle Oval11102616103023 R1,2017W
2017WAFLClaremontPerthLathlain Park1110231764047 R3,2017W
2017WAFLClaremontEast PerthLeederville Oval1100332587035 R4,2017W
2017WAFLClaremontSouth FremantleFremantle Oval11007250020 R5,2017L
2017WAFLClaremontSubiacoEast Fremantle Oval1100211477036 R6,2017L
2017WAFLClaremontSwan DistrictsBassendean Oval11022618830610 R7,2017L
2017WAFLClaremontPeel ThunderFremantle Oval111114682020 R8,2017L
2017WAFLClaremontPerthFremantle Oval1110251873025 R9,2017L
2017WAFLClaremontWest PerthArena Joondalup11112312117023 R10,2017L


Opponent Summary

Opponent Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D
East Fremantle441110565417210163-1-0
East Perth3118668181859182-1-0
Peel Thunder411107693824813171-3-0
South Fremantle3007151203017111-2-0
Swan Districts445139825727215312-2-0
West Perth41284503414113110-4-0


Venue Summary

Venue Games Goals Behinds Disposals Kicks Handballs Marks HitOuts Tackles Inside 50s W/L/D
Arena Joondalup21157273090680-2-0
Bassendean Oval305102604213112261-2-0
East Fremantle Oval441108614721010203-1-0
Fremantle Oval4217654225018101-3-0
Lathlain Park21055401517010131-1-0
Leederville Oval40110678282928212-2-0
Rushton Park10036211563531-0-0