Attendance Records

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All time

Note: For seasons prior to 1968, I have limited attendance records, therefore the 'All time' list may not be accurate

Since 1987

Since 1995

Highest Home Attendances (Home & Away)

300Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR1,1885
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleThe EsplanadeR16,1888
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR6,1888
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleThe EsplanadeR4,1888
0Rovers v West AustraliansWellington SquareR2,1888
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR11,1887
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleThe EsplanadeR10,1887
0Rovers v West AustraliansThe EsplanadeR8,1887
0Rovers v West AustraliansThe EsplanadeR4,1887
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleWellington SquareR18,1886
0Rovers v VictoriansWellington SquareR13,1886
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleWellington SquareR11,1886
0Rovers v FremantleWellington SquareR9,1886
0Rovers v VictoriansFremantle OvalR3,1886
0Rovers v East FremantleWACAR6,1899


Highest Away Attendances (Home & Away)

0Rovers v East FremantleFremantle OvalR9,1899
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleFremantle OvalR8,1888
0Rovers v West AustraliansThe EsplanadeR16,1887
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR14,1887
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleFremantle OvalR12,1887
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleFremantle OvalR5,1887
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR2,1887
0Rovers v FremantleFremantle OvalR16,1886
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR8,1886
0Rovers v FremantleFremantle OvalR5,1886
0Rovers v Unions/FremantleFremantle OvalR2,1886
0Rovers v FremantleThe EsplanadeR10,1885
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR9,1885
0Rovers v FremantleFremantle OvalR7,1885
0Rovers v VictoriansThe EsplanadeR6,1885


Season by Season

Season Games High Low Total Average