Missing Data - Call For Help

The following information outlines in summary what data is missing from my database. I will continually be adding to the database to reduce the missing data, therefore increasing the accuracy of the data presented on the site. If you can help providing any data, please use the contact links at the top and bottom of the page. Thanks!

Quarter by Quarter Scores

The following games are missing all or some quarter by quarter scores from 1898.

Season Round Game Missing Quarter by Quarter Scores
190112Subiaco vs West Perth3rd quarter
190112North Fremantle vs East Fremantle1st, 2nd quarters
190114North Fremantle vs Perth1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters
19045East Fremantle vs South Fremantle1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters
19058Subiaco vs North Fremantle1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters
190511Subiaco vs Midland Junction1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters
19065Subiaco vs West Perth2nd, 3rd quarters
19171Midland Junction vs East Fremantle1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters
192215East Fremantle vs Subiaco1st, 2nd, 3rd quarters

Do you know the birth details for these players?

WAFL FootyFacts is assisting the WAFL Historians to complete the WAFL player database and we need your help!

Since 1945, there has been over 6500 players to have played WAFL league football and of those the WAFL is missing the date of birth for only 100 players.

Below is a list of all the players we need date of birth and/or place of birth for.

If you can assist in providing any of the required information, please contact WAFLFootyFacts or WAFL Historian Greg Wardell-Johnson

Player Team Career Span Games Goals Year of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Other
ADDISON, Robert StanleyPerth1950111928Perth,WA28.06.2005, East FremantleVic Park Mets
AITKEN, Keith LewisPerth1945-1946431918,25.09.1995, ArmadaleArmadale
ALLEN, WilliamSouth Fremantle1945201924,,
ATKINSON, Richard JohnClaremont1958200,, Victoria 9.4.58 (JRA)
BOOT, ColinSouth Fremantle1952-1955 58661931Fremantle,WA18.11.1961, Jurien Bay (Lost at Sea)SF Ex Scholars
BRADY, JohnEast Fremantle1950101930Fremantle,WA05.05.1992, Hilton
BROWN, Edward Perry (Ted)Subiaco1950101928Burnie,, QueenslandCooee, NTFA
BROWN, MarkSubiaco1987110,,
CALLOW, Kevin JohnSwan Districts1946101928Beverley,WA15.11.2011, Ballarat, VicMJFA
CASSIDY, James R. (Jim)South Fremantle1954100,, Fremantle Ex Scholars
CHAMPION, Bruce LeonardEast Perth1989300,,
CROMPTON, Kevin AlbertClaremont1949-195381141928Northam,WA30.06.2013, Boulder City
DAWES, GeoffreySouth Fremantle1959100,,
EDWARDS, Edward John (Eddie)East Fremantle1950201924Yalgoo,WA29.07.1990, Tuart HillMerredin
FAIRLEY, Lyall LeaneClaremont1945971924Kalgoorlie,WA21.12.2010, Oakford,Perth
FOSTER, LClaremont1945200,, Tasmania
FRADD, Colin GeorgeClaremont1955301937,21.01.1956, WalgoolanBaandee
GILLINGHAM, HenryEast Perth1945611920Islington, London, Eng,England16.08.1993, Nedlands (SCGH)
GRAY, BradleySubiaco1986350,,
HAMMOND, Kenneth or KevinEast Perth1958-1960 1420,,
HARRIS, LeonEast Perth1994551973,, Coolbellup/York
HART, RonaldSouth Fremantle1945201921,30.08.1995,
HERBERT, Ronald EdwardSouth Fremantle1945201920Boulder,WA19.11.1984, North BeachGoldfields (10.5.1945)
HILL, Robert Leslie (Bob)West Perth1952-195769101933,05.01.1997, WannerooWembley Mets
HOUGH, GEast Perth1945200,,
HUGHES, John Joseph (Jack)Subiaco1953601927Perth,WA08.10.2013, RockinghamNew South Wales (22.4.53)
JACKSON, WilliamWest Perth1945410,,
JENKINS, APerth1945110,,
JONES, APerth1946410,, Met Junior 1940
JONES, James MichaelWest Perth1962310,, Darwin (with Bill Dempsey)
JONES, William (Bill)Subiaco1946300,, Colts team
JOSEPHSON, Paul StephenSouth Fremantle1959330,05.10.2008, to Geraldton Rovers 17.5.61
KING, Bernard HenrySubiaco1954101934,14.07.2015, Baldivis
KINROSS, Andrew JamesEast Fremantle1991100,,
LANE, Charles R.Claremont 1969-19703000,, Melbourne FC (Reserves)
LEE, Michael H. (Mick)East Perth1952101931Canning,WA, Kalamunda/Northam
LEWIS, Kevin JohnEast Perth1964100Morawa,WA1998, Kalgoorlie
LITTLE, John (Jack)East Fremantle1945-1946 2001919Collie,WA03.05.2009, WannerooCollie
MARTIN, AlbertPerth1945200,,
MARTIN, Geoffrey ClarenceSubiaco1957640,, Claremont Reserves,to Victoria
McDONALD, John Ronald (Runty)East Perth195018411920Fremantle,WA31.01.1955, South FremantleEast Fremantle
McMAHON, AWest Perth19451270,,
McMAHON, John JamesClaremont1950621929Wellington R.D.,WA,
MILLAR, Donald William GrahamEast Perth1947-1950 16121931Swan RD,WA27.03.2010, WaterfordBoulder City
O'SULLIVAN, Geoffrey EdmundEast Fremantle1953-1956,1958 37331934,04.08.2001, Fremantle (Hosp)Mosman Park Ex Scholars
PARKER, Gerrard Roy (Gerry)Subiaco19511300,, Wonthaggi, Country Vic
PILLAGE, William Maxwell (Ken)East Perth1953201930Perth,WA25.06.1966, WillageeCanberra to Su 30.4.52
SAUNDERS, JohnSubiaco1955-1956500,,
SCHMIDT, Jeremy DavidSubiaco1990780,,
SEALE, Kenneth LeslieEast Perth1951-1954 4301927Perth,WA16.08.1995, Pinjarra
SMITH, John DesmondClaremont1957-1958920,,
SMITH, John DesmondSwan Districts1960510,, Claremont
SMITH, William (Bill)East Fremantle1945420,,
STANLEY, Robert John (Bob)Perth1947100,, Wongan Hills (25.7.47)
STEELE, Alan JosephClaremont1956-195946121932Perth,WA10.04.2008, Armadale
SUTHERLAND, D.J. (Don)Subiaco1953101934Victoria,Vic, to Victoria 30.3.55
TAYLOR, RobertPerth19481500,,
TEMPRA, Ronald ProsperoClaremont1957611935,17.11.2011, Bassendean
VOWLES, William EdwardSouth Fremantle1958201938Fremantle,WA26.04.1996, Waikikito Cockburn
WEATHERALD, Anthony ThomasClaremont1958100,, Sturt Reserves South Aust
WELLS, J.A. (Jake)East Perth1948100,, EP Seconds
WILLIAMS, MichaelSubiaco1991100,,
WILSON, Barry FrancisWest Perth1956-196047500,, Northam Federals (27.6.56)
WILSON, William EdwardEast Fremantle1952-1953 1161927Fremantle,WA, to North Fre Amateurs 27.5.53


Player Data Status

Full team lists are included for 1906, 1926-1939 and from 1947; as well as Claremont (1926) and Swan Districts (1934) since inception. Team lists include player stats such as Kicks, Handballs, Marks, Disposals etc for 1968, parts of 1969, 1974 and 1975, 1983-1987 and from 2006 to the present day. Game tally records include Night Series games played in 1968, NFL, NFC or Foxtel Cup games. Behind scorers are included for a number of seasons, but are not complete for all seasons where they are included. Match tally's for all players with 200 or more WAFL games are correct, however place holder games may be included and will not show in career summary, game by game list or venue summary. More player data will be added for the seasons not yet covered over time.

Attendance Data Status

Attendance data is included for most final series games from 1921 and all games 1946 - R4, 1949, majority of games from 1958-1967 and almost all games from 1968 - the present day. Random game attendances are included pre 1946.