I have received numerous emails form ex-players, family members of ex-players and WAFL fans in general, on this page I'd like to share some of the positive feedback I've received. Feedback certainly makes all the time and effort I spend on this site well worth it. Feel free to leave feedback via Facebook, Twitter or email by using the contact details on the site. Regards, Ric.

Glenn Mitchell via email

Well done on the website. As a broadcaster of the WAFL it is a truly invaluable resource. Your dedication and attention to detail should be congratulated. Long may it continue for all those who hold a passion for the WAFL.

Dennis Cometti via email

Congrats on your site. Wonderful that you've taken the time to do such work. Would not have been able to do my research for the WAFL games without your website.

Ernie B via Say No To AFL Teams in The WAFL Facebook page

Thanks Ric at waflfootyfacts for the hard work you put in with all these WAFL facts and the huge amounts of information you provide.

BH via Ozfooty Forum

Ric if they were still available you should be knighted for your services to WAFL football. Once again thank you for your brilliant website waflfootyfacts it is a godsend for (semi) old WAFL fanatics/diehards like myself!

David L via email

Great stats mate. I call the WAFL on SportFM and try to stay on top of some of the stats relevant to my game each week so this will come in handy. Keep it up!!

Kevin L via email

I congratulate you on your research and work so far. Thank God for people like you who still retain an active interest in and promotion of the W.A.F.L. Once again thanks for your website and your initiative in starting it, I come across it by chance when googling some footy information and i’m glad i did.

Jim M via email

Thanks again for your excellent work with this site and for keeping up the interest in the WAFL.

Dennis M (former player) via email

Love your work :-)

Alan R (former player) via email

I'm very impressed with your attention to detail. In 1974 I missed the first two games then played the balance of the year. It was Colin Beard's first year as coach of SFFC. Once again thanks mate.

Stephen C via email

Please put 1979 budgets on next - love the site.

Peter H (former player) via email

Great job with your Footy Facts database. The entry you have for Peter Howard playing 6 games in 1984 is correct except my middle name is John not Norman. Thanks for all your efforts I look forward to picking through it. I'll definitely be following you on Facebook. Thanks again.

LaHincha via Ozfooty Forum

I used your site and info today for accurate games played in the WAFL for a post here. Thanks mate, for providing a source of info that is on the ball.

Grant P via email

I have just come across your website and think the format is wonderful. Very clear and easy to navigate. You have a talent at sports websites and I wish you all the best mate.

Andrew H via email

Fantastic site, the effort put in is astounding.

Wayne G (former player) via email

I heard your interview on 6PR last week and at first opportunity wanted to have a look at your website, it's very comprehensive and very well done, its long before time someone set up a website like yours on our WAFL competition, well done.

Ian T (former player) via email

I loved finding the website as it has shown me when my father played a league game of football, I always knew he had played at least 1 game but had no idea when. I don't know if he played more than 1 game. This has been such a buzz, well done.

Paul H (former player) via email

Thank you for putting such a great website together.

Shane B via email

Many over the years - including myself - have wanted to put something together like you have. You have found the time and effort to do so - great stuff.

Adam R via email

I just wanted to commend you on a fantastic website. Love the layout and especially the statistical content.Really nicely done.

Jeff L via email

I appreciate the great work you are doing and I congratulate you on what is a wonderful record of WAFL history. Mate, your records are incredible.

John T via email

I am an old Wafl tragic who every now and then likes to live in the past and visit data of the good old days before the Eagles and Dockers came and destroyed the WAFL. (I'm not complaining, things change and I love the AFL, but I miss the passion I had for our club footy here in years gone by). For years I have bemoaned the fact that I couldn't find anywhere to see the teams that took the field in seasons gone by and then one day recently I discovered Footy Facts. It is fantastic. I want to thank you personally for the huge amount of work you have put into this site. Perhaps you can get some small reward from knowing what pleasure it gives to an old WAFL follower like me. A huge thankyou to you and all involved. I note that you are a Swans supporter. I have good memories (some sweet, mostly painful) of days at Bassendean oval watching West Perth (my team) do battle with the Swannies. Great memories helped now by your Footy Facts site.